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Kallitsakis Beach Apartments is located in Platanias village, situated 11 km west of Chania town on the island of Crete, well known for its long sandy beaches which have earned “blue flags” through the last 10 years.

The village owns its name to the many plane-Platania-trees scattered along the shore of the river and on the main road.
Numerous restaurants, Greek taverns, bars, clubs and shops make the Platanias village a place for those who want to enjoy Greek gastronomy and lifestyle or spend some relaxed days at the beach. 
For the more adventurous travelers there are many traditional villages around to explore, wonderful plateaus, like Omalos and famous gorges.

Whether its mountains or beaches, a low profile vacation or partying all night, holidays with family or friends, Platanias invites you for your ideal vacation.


The climate is generally temperate Mediterranean and it is especially dry and hot, with a bright sunshine covering 70 % of the year. During the summer, the average temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius which is definitely lower than that of mainland Greece. The winters are mild and damp with quite a few rainfalls –mostly on the western part of the island of Crete. Snow is rarely seen on the plains but it is frequent on the mountainous areas. Another special characteristic of the area is that the sea temperatures on the southern coasts in winter are almost the same as those of the northern European seas in summer . This fact has recently led to a gradual and continuous increase of winter swimming fans .


The endless beaches and the high mountains of the Platanias region, its beautiful plateaus and its famous canyons, the quiet villages on the one hand, but also the intense nightlife, on the other, form a perfectly harmonious environment for a holiday break, through the ideal combination of all these contrasts.

Platanias, the main tourist resort in the Western Crete region, but also new destinations such as Gerani, Maleme, Tavronitis, Kolymbari or some of the villages in the beautiful mainland, are only a few of the areas you can choose to stay at or just visit during your holidays .


The Lefka Ori (The White Mountains Range) are covered with snow from the beginning of November up to the end of May. However, snow is a very rare sight on the plains.

In April the weather is usually mild and pleasant and there is very little chance for the sunshine to suddenly vanish and for a drizzle or a slight rainfall to occur. In October it seldom rains, the weather remains pleasant and warm, therefore swimming in the sea is still a very pleasant pastime. May and September are mostly sunny and pleasantly warm but not hot. Summer, on the other hand, is hot enough and dry.

June, July and August are the hottest months of the year. They are also the driest with no rainfalls at all. On the mountainous and hilly parts of the Platanias Municipality the temperature is slightly lower, while on the southern coasts and the inland it tends to be one or two degrees higher.

Useful Numbers

Fire service: 199

National Instant Aid Center: 166

Telephone Area Code: +30 28210

Municipality of Chania: +30 28213 41600

Airport of Chania: +30 28210 83800

Hospital of Chania: +30 28210 22000 / +30 28213 42000

Emergency No: +30 28213 42256

Police Station: +30 28210 25856 / 100 / 112

Port Authority: +30 28210 98888

Post Office: +30 28210 28444

Tourist Office: +30 28210 92943

Taxi: +30 28210 60600 / +30 28210 98700

Bus Service (KTEL): +30 28210 93305

Bus Service (urban): +30 28210 27044



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